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Crane Song Syren

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The Crane Song Syren is a single slot mono valve mic preamp designed for the 500-series format using a dual triode circuit with a 12AX7 tube.

The Syren provides a wide palette of colour options achieved by modifying the interaction between the tube stages and producing negative feedback or not, changing the sound of the preamp.

Using Negative feedback will provide a more accurate representation of your sound and provide wider frequency response. Use it with no negative feedback and the Syren will produce a more open and warmer sound.

Pushing the dual gain stage circuit will produce overdrive effects. The Syren features a 24dB / octave low-cut filter at 90Hz, +48V phantom power and polarity switch and a pad with -15dB and 25dB settings allowing working with really loud signal. A Hi-Z switch engages the instrument input.

1 Year

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