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Heritage Audio MCM-32

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HAMCM-32 - 32 Channel Summing Mixer with 4 Subgroups

The MCM-32 is a 32 channel mixer with a class A 1073 output stage. Every channel features insert points, fader and pan controls, as well as On/Off switches.

Its innovative subgrouping system actively sums each row of 8 channels into a stereo subgroup. Subgroups feature their own dedicated stereo faders and insert points.
All 4 Stereo Subgroups are passively summed into the Stereo Master Bus, employing the same discrete, class A transformer based summing topology of the vintage 80 series consoles.

The Master Bus has indeed its own insert point and dedicated Fader. All inputs and outputs, included inserts, are balanced. All connections are on DSUB 25s following the Tascam protocol, with the exception of the Master Bus related ones, which are on XLRs. Stereo output is duplicated for easy Mix / Monitor splitting.

The combination of active and passive mixing topologies, together with the use of heavy gauge ground busses, gives an exceptional low noise and high headroom, not often associated with 32 channel mixers.

- 32 channel summing mixer
- Volume, pan, mute and insert on/off control per channel
- 1073 class A output stage
- 4 subgroups
- Stereo-Mix and Monitor output
- Insertpoints per channel, subgroup and master channel
- Low Noise and high headroom performance.
- Active subgroup and passive master bus summing

Technical Specifications
- Input connectors: DSUB 25 (Tascam protocol)
- Insert connectors: DSUB 25 (Tascam protocol), XLR (Master)
- Ouput connectors: XLR
- Power supply: HA-PSU02 (extrenal)
- Dimensions: 19” / 4 U

1 Year

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