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A-Designs EM-Blue


Available within 1-2 Weeks
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The A-Designs EM-Blue is a single channel 500 Series mic/line pre-amp built to the same exacting standards of all the A-Designs range.

With the EM-Blue A-Designs have sought to increase the definition of the top end of the sound by building the Blue Pre-amp around a nickel output transformer. It is this sort of philosophy in their work that has made A-Designs outboard so sought after by professional recorders.

Nothing fancy of the front panel of the Blue either, in common with the siblings in the A-Design 500 series: Gain knob, phase inverter, pad, phantom and DI socket. Less is more.

The A-Designs EM-Blue is part of a range of six modules for the 500 Series that the company make, each with its own special sonic flavour.
Brighten up a microphone or cut through the mix, the Em-Blue is the one for you.

A-Designs EM Blue Overview:

• Custom-wound nickel transformer
• Accentuates the top end of the sound for more snap.
• Well suited for brightening up a ‘darker’ sounding mic or giving your guitar that extra edge.
• Designed for 500 Series

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