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A-Designs EM-Gold


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The A-Designs EM-Gold is a mono preamp module created by A-Designs for the 500 series to give better lower-mid and bass definition to the sound.

A-Designs regard the EM-Gold pre-amp as a combination of their EM-Silver and EM-Red transformers, which they have wound to put more bass and lower-mid information into your source signal.

Microphones that appear thin or sound that lack that certain punch are ably taken care of by this neat little unit. All the A-Designs range for 500 Series share the same well-thought out approach and simple design layout.

Eulogised by engineers, praised by producers, promoted by project studio professionals world-wide, A-Designs have produced another fine example with the EM-Gold.

So if you want to warm up your bottom end or flap the trousers of the bass player right across the control room, the A-Designs EM-Gold is the way to get that sound across.

A-Designs EM-Gold Overview:

• Custom wound transformer based on EM-Silver and EM-Red characteristics
• Designed to promote the lower-mid and bass end
• Ideal for thinner-sounding mic capsules and adding mass to drum sounds
• Designed for 500 Series

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