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A-Designs MP-2A


Available within 1-2 Weeks
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The A-Designs MP-2A is an all-valve stereo 2U rack-mounted pre-amp of exceptional tone and quality.

Recently updated, the A-Designs MP-2A is still built entirely to the highest specifications from discrete components with point-to-point wiring and no I/Cs to ensure the best signal path and with 60dB of available gain. Now the MP-2A features a 20dB Pad and 4 selectable tone paths to let you shape your sound more distinctively.

With excellent input and output transformers and well-chosen valves combined in the MP-2A pre-amp, you get low noise and the warmth and character that only a quality all-valve build can offer.

Highly consistent in operation, the MP-2A has won effusive praise from professional engineers and musicians everywhere, for all that a good pre-amp gives you: clarity, tone, reliability, adaptability – even with modern ribbon mics – and that…certain something, that makes engineers reach for their A-Designs MP-2A pre-amp every time.

A-Designs MP-2A Overview:

• All-tube design
• Selectable tone switches offer four sounds per channel
• 60dB gain allows use of next-generation ribbon mics
• EF86 input tubes/6N1P output tubes
• Cinemag input transformers and custom-wound output transformers
• True VU meters
• Dual level controls
• -20dB pad switch (per channel)
• Polarity switch (per channel)
• Toroidal power transformer
• Balanced XLR I/O and 1/4” direct injects
• Custom-milled faceplate, solid vented metal frame (2U rack size)

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