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ACME Audio Opticom XLA-500


Available within 1-2 Weeks
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The Acme Audio Opticom XLA-500 is a dual slot single channel valve limiter for the popular 500 series format based on the Opticom XLA-3 MkII


The Acme Audio Opticom XLA-500 has been scaled down to accommodate tube in its makeup gain circuit to retain the essential character of its bigger sibling. At its core it retains the triple opto-electronic circuit of its predecessor augmented by cinemag input and output transformers providing the same functionality as the original with a more focused and fat sound.


Inspired by the LA-2A the Opticom XLA-500 adds three speeds which recall other similar compressors with the the slow setting hinting towards a popular broadcast limiter designed to hold a mix together. The normal speed closely resembles the behaviour of the original LA-2A while in fast mode and the Opticom will behave similarly to the All-Button mode of the 1176 for a truly crunchy sound.


Acme Audio Opticom XLA-500 Main Features:



    • 500 Series Valve Limiter


    • High-speed cadmium-selenide (CdSe) photocells


    • Custom Bakelite analog control knobs


    • Full-sized backlit panel meters


    • Hand-wired 2 stage bypass switch


    • Triple optoelectronic circuit


  • Cinemag input and output transformer
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