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AEA KU5A Active Ribbon Microphone


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The AEA KU5A is an end-address supercardioid active ribbon microphone breaks new ground in ribbon technology to reject bleed, room reflections and loud ambience.


The AEA KU5A is the ideal ribbon microphone for live recordings or performance, bringing the typical ribbon character associated with AEA microphones in a rugged body. Vocalists can sing directly into the grille without any fear of damaging the ribbon whether in the studio on stage and even outdoor.


The KU5A boasts active electronics allowing for it to be used with any mic preamp with phantom power, in the studio or on the road. Use it on vocals, guitars on even on snare drums and you’ll be rewarded by stunning realism, clarity and breadth of sound.



AEA KU5A Active Ribbon Microphone Main Features:


  • End-address design.
  • Supercardioid polar pattern that mitigates room tone and instrument bleed.
  • Active electronics optimized for all preamps.
  • Durable for close range, outdoor, and live use.
  • Switchable high pass filter to reduce proximity at close range.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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