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The Neve 1073 SPX is a single-channel Class A mic preamp and EQ unit, a modern iteration of the legendary mic preamp and EQ, housed in a 1U 19” rack.

The Neve 1073 SPX is designed and built in England to exact specifications and matched components, including exclusive Neve Marinair input and output transformers, delivering the true Neve 1073 sound. it also boasts the classic 3-band EQ and high-pass filter of the 1073 Classic console module.

Furthermore, Neve have added new functionalities such as DI input, selectable insert point, level meters, and output level control. Mic/Line level inputs can be found at the front or at the back of the unit allowing for easy integration and even allow for use at the mixing stage. An option mastering-grade digital card is also available allowing you to communicate with your digital recording system.

The Neve 1073 SPX delivers the warmth and depth of the classic 1073 and brings the essence of the Neve sound, including the the subtle detail and ambience and precise imaging.

Neve 1073 SPX Main Features:

Genuine Neve 1073 transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier / EQ circuit, in a single 1U 19″ rack mount enclosure
Exclusive Neve Marinair™ transformers used on input and output stages
Convenient connections for Mic, Line & DI inputs on front of unit, with switchable mic/line input connections on the rear of the unit
Switchable +48v Phantom Power, Hi/Lo impedance, -20dB pad and DI ground lift on the input stage
Switchable Phase, and EQ in/out
Insert send and return loop feature allows external equipment to be connected easily to the 1073SPX audio chain, such as mono limiter/compressors;
Pre-EQ insert send/return – a line level send is available from the mic-preamp output stage and a return just before the EQ stage
Post-EQ insert send/return – a line level send is available from the post-EQ stage and a return just before the main output stage
7-stage LED signal level meter – can show mic/line/DI input-stage level, EQ-stage level or output-stage level up to +24dB
Output level control
External multi-voltage PSU
Optional Digital I/O module

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