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Professionals throughout the world have chosen the full, clean sound of the 88RS console. Its high bandwidth pure audio path, superior dynamics, greater dynamic range and greater control make the 88RS the first choice for recording and mixing the purest high fidelity recordings.


With its 100kHz bandwidth, surpassing 192khz digital recording quality, and comprehensive surround capabilities, the 88RS has been engineered to deliver recordings at the best conceivable quality onto any format at any sample rate, capturing all the energy and atmosphere of the original performance as perfectly as possible.

Central to the ground-breaking technology utilized within the 88RS is a completely new electronic and mechanical design. Though based on classic Neve attention to audio quality, ergonomics and mechanical detail, the 88RS takes advantage of the latest analogue technology.

The addition of the stem mixer and eight track scoring panel confirms the 88RS’s position as the ultimate console of choice for scoring, music recording and mixing.

Control Surface

The 88RS uses a conventional in-line recording console architecture extended to address the evolving needs of the 21st century studio, in particular those of surround sound production. The no compromise design is linear from start to finish, with no VCAs even in the monitor section. Users of the Neve V-Series and other high-end analogue consoles will immediately be at home with the control surface.


The 88RS is supplied with the groundbreaking Encore Plus automation system as standard. Encore Plus brings the best of Flying Faders for music together with the Logic automation system for post-production, creating the ultimate music and music-for-picture automation system.

Base Configuration

  • Designed for full surround from the ground up
  • The clearest pure signal path with NO VCAs
  • Motorised large and small faders
  • Encore Plus automation
  • AFL surround solo monitor
  • Latest VCA technology for low noise and excellent low level distortion
  • Overpress PFL on each channel fader
  • Four main output faders, L/R, C, S, and LS/RS
  • Fader starts on all channel faders, all VCA group faders and all output faders
  • Solo system defaults to safe mode
  • Acoustically optimised frame
  • Supplied with or without patch
  • Enhanced ‘S’ channel strip
  • Enhanced spectral Neve formant equalization
  • Legendary Neve soft knee compression
  • 24 step precision volume control
  • Two faders per channel strip
  • Remote mic amp option
  • 5.1 monitoring as standard
  • Audio performance beyond 24/192 digital


The 88RS comes with a range of options including the SP2 Scoring Panel, the powerful Stem Mixer and Classic Neve remote mic pre-amps. A range of essential features for broadcasters is also available, including a redundant PSU, VCA fader system and rugged streamline frame designed purposely for OB trucks.

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