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API Audio 500VPR


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The API Audio 500VPR delivers ten 500 Series slots in a 3U rack-mounted chassis, with external power supply

The API Audio 500VPR chassis is the largest of the API frames for 500 series modules. With a 10-slot rack you are only limited by your imagination. Kit your studio or DAW out with the finest effects units, inserts, pre-amps and dynamics available. The sheer amount of sonic capability that you can fit in such a small space is breath-taking.

With an external power supply and XLR connectors, the API 500VPR is simple to install and operate.

Being an API unit, the API Audio 500VPR chassis comes to you from one of the greatest names from the US audio recording scene and for that you get peace of mind and reliable consistent operation built to the highest standards.

API 500VPR Overview:

• External tri-polar power supply
• Accepts API standard format modules
• XLR Input/Output sockets
• Holds up to 10 modules
• 5 year warranty

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