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Api Audio 505 DI


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The API 505-DI module is a 500-series Direct input module taken the API 205L specifically designed for guitar, bass, or keyboards.


The purpose of the API 505-DI Module, minimises the risks of loading effect from Hi-Z instruments and normalises an instruments input level up to +4dBu to optimise the signal through the rest of your equipment.


Just like the API 205L, the API 505-DI features a unique Tone control which helps reduce Low Frequency muddiness in your signal and a Bright control which adds clarity, reducing the need to sculpt the sound with EQ at the recording stage.


The API 505-DI’s minimal signal path ensures the signal can be boosted to a high level without the need for an additional mic preamp and any additional distortion added by amplifiers. A 100K/400k Load switch lets you subtly brighten or darken the high frequency content.  For instruments with internal preamps such as samplers and keyboards, a -20dB Pad lets you drop the level without sacrificing sound quality.


API 505-DI Overview:



    • Wide Range Gain Control with 55dB of gain


    • Front Panel Hi-Z Input


    • Front Panel Thru routing


    • TONE Control helps customize your sound


    • BRIGHT Switch boosts clarity and presence


    • 10 segment LED VU meter for monitoring output level


    • Peak Output LED Indicator


    • 20 dB pad switch, applies to mic/line/instrument


    • 100K / 400K Switchable Load


    • Traditional API fully discrete circuit design


  • Uses the famous API 2520 and 2510 Op-Amps
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