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Argosy Aura 260S-R

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The Argosy Aura260S-R is a refined personal workstation with a 11RU space rack module on the left and Sit-Stand motorised height adjustment.

The Argosy Aura520S-R is the ideal environment for screen-based activity with a large surface to accommodate several large screens, as well as a total of 18RU rack space on the left wing (7RU Lower Rack).

Argosy Aura520S-R Main Features:

Electric Height Adjustment
Padded Armrest
7 RU Space Lower Racks
11 RU Space Higher Racks (right)
Accessory Drawers
Width: 81.5″ to 86.5″ (depending on model)
Depth: 51.75″
Height: 27″ to 42″ (adjustable)
Made in the U.S.A.


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