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Burl Audio BAD4M


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The Burl Audio BAD4M is a 4-channel mastering grade AD converter for the B80 and B16 Mothership chassis with stepped attenuators and switchable input transformers.

The Burl Audio BAD4M has been designed for mixing and mastering in mind and boasts Burl’s NextGen analogue technology with Burl’s BOPA14 Op-Amp or BX1 transformer-coupled signal path. As a result, the BAD4M provides two flavours from the analogue, coloured sound found in the BAD8 or the new transformerless circuit for superior fidelity and clarity.

The BAD4M also includes a switchable ADC filter which changes the tone between the classic BURL sound and a more aggressive sound with increased midrange. Finally, the BAD4M also features an Avid delay matching, to perfectly match the input delay of an Avid I/O, critical when using hardware inserts.

Burl Audio BAD4M Main Features:

Switchable BX1 input transformers
BURL NextGen Analog BOPA14 OP-AMP
B2 ADC stepped attenuator
All class-A, discrete signal path
Avid delay matching
Filter select options

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