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Chandler Limited Zener Limiter


Usually available within 3-5 Days

The Chandler Zener Limiter is a 3U rack-mounted two-channel replica of the original zener-diode based EMI/Abbey Road compressor/limiter.


As the ultimate birthday tribute, the Chandler Zener Limiter certainly takes some beating, even if you worked at Abbey Road in its heyday. Chandler Limited re-issued the Chandler TG12413, a lovely licensed replica of the classic Abbey Road console compressor when the studio celebrated its 75th anniversary.


Built to the same exacting standards as all Chandler equipment, the Chandler Zener Limiter uses the circuit designs of two proven EMI workhorses to bring this warm, characterful compressor up into the modern age – but still using the zener diode that gave it both its name and its unique sound.


With step-switching on all controls, the Chandler Zener Limiter lets you calibrate your settings with precision. A two-channel unit the Chandler Zener Limiter can be operated as both stereo and dual mono. Setting up the compression is easy, with two fixed-ratio compression settings and one for the limiter – however,  you choose how hard they bite and let go for maximum Abbey Road effect.


Modern upgrades on the Chandler TG12413 include a THD circuit to let you access the melodious distortion that results from pushing the Zener Limiter hard, variable side-chain filters and switchable impedance.


Around 45 years ago today, Sgt Pepper got a chance to play with the original Chandler Zener Limiter – now it’s your turn.


Chandler Zener Limiter Overview
• CHANNELS: Stereo / Dual Mono
• CIRCUIT: Discrete, Transistor
• POWER: +/-28v
• Requires Chandler Limited PSU-1 MKII power supply.