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Coleman Audio M3PH-MKIII


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The Coleman Audio M3PH-MKIII is a 1U passive monitor controller with 4 input source and 3 balanced outputs with Mute switches, Mono and Polarity reverse buttons and a new specificially designed 47-position stepped attenuator.

The Coleman Audio M3PH-MKIII is a complete monitoring solution letting you switch between three sets of monitors as well as letting you monitor four different input sources. L/R mute switches let you identify playback issues while the mono switch and phase reversal let you test mono compatibility or phase cancel different signals for exact monitoring.

The Coleman Audio M3PH-MKIII replicates all the main functions of the master section of a console and integrates neatly in your studio especially compuster based studios. Using only passive components also ensure the highest sound quality with none of the distortion added by active components.

Main Features:

DAW/hardware control room monitor controller
Replicates the master section on a console
Completely passive design – won’t colour your signal path
Switches between 3 pairs of speakers for playback translation
Accepts stereo inputs from up to 4 sources
47-position, 4-gang stepped master control (+/- 0.05dB) promotes a balanced stereo listening environment
Balanced XLR connectors minimize noise and maximize output
L/R mute switches let you audition speakers independently
Mono switch (L minus R) collapses audio to test for mono compatibility
Polarity reversal switch highlights speaker phase issues
Mono + polarity nulls mono material to review side content
1U chassis is rack compatible
8-ohm headphone output lets you monitor silently or feed a headphone amp
Internal switch makes output #3 fixed to feed VU meters or a cue system
115-volt/230-volt switch on power supply circuit board

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