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Dangerous Music Convert AD+


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The Dangerous Music Convert AD+ is a no compromise stereo Analogue to Digital Converter designed with proprietary jitter-elimination technology to deliver unrivalled transparency and musical detail.

The Dangerous Music Convert AD+ boasts a wide range of innovative features such as a switchable dual input that lets you compare between different mastering chains, or against reference tracks or between recording, mixing or mastering configurations.

Furthermore, the Convert AD+ uses a proprietary clip guard which unlike a limiter doesn’t affect the signal but simply removes the clipping information ensuring your masters are as loud as they need to be without clipping.

It also offers two Hammond transformers wired in series which are designed to provide character, weight and vitality. An Emphasis control further lets you tweak the sound with a unique mixture of shelving EQ and compression, adding 2nd order harmonic for larger than life sound.

Dangerous’ own Jitter Elimination Technology helps reduce jitter below the point of audible significance, offering reliable clock operation for articulate, impactful and dimensional.

Dangerous Music Convert AD+ Main Features:

Adjustable Sample Rate supports 6 sample rates for universal compatibility with other devices
Selectable Calibration Level cycles through 3 calibration levels for compatibility with other devices
2 switchable, discrete stereo inputs with two switchable stereo input paths
Clip Guard removes all clipping from your digital signal without changing the sound
Premium custom digital meter with Normal and Peak Hold modes for precise visual feedback
Zoomable metering provides magnified resolution, letting you view the top 10dB of your signal level
Word Clock with three Modes: Internal, External, and Master
X-FORMER button engages Chris Muth circuitry incorporating a pair of customized Hammond transformers
EMPHASIS shelving EQ/Compressor induces 2nd-order harmonics for increased warmth and sparkle
USB-to-host connection for Mac/PC
Dual AES outputs
ADAT optical output
S/PDIF optical output
S/PDIF coax output

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