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Elysia Karacter


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The elysia karacter is a 1U dual channel (stereo or dual-mono) harmonic distortion processor capable of subtle harmonic enhancement to powerful sonic destruction.

The elysia karacter uses the same Class A circuit as its 500 series variant and adds Expansion input for CV control of the drive or filter. Use an expression pedal or a CV envelope generator or LFO to create powerful animated distortion.

Like the original 500 series module, the karacter offers dual-mono, stereo and M/S modes as well as built-in parallel control for even added flexibility.

elysia karacter Stereo Saturation Processor Features:

100% Discrete Class-A Topology
Mastering-Grade Saturation

Tube-Inspired Distortion
Glorious Destruction
Bulletproof Lightweight

Control Voltage
Color Filter

Dual Mono/Stereo Link/Mid Side
Stepped Controllers
Made in Germany


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