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    SSL UF1

    Solid State Logic's Legacy in Control: Introducing SSL UF1 Discover the advanced workflow capabilities at the core of Solid State Logic's design philosophy. Building on our pioneering work with the legendary 4000E console, SSL continues to revolutionize...

    €699.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €587.39 (Ex. Tax)
  • AVID S1

    AVID S1

    The Avid S1 is a eight-fader EUCON control surface designed to work in conjunction with their Pro Tools Control app for iPad to provide hands-on control of your audio and video software.    The Avid S1 features eight motorised,...

    €1,599.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €1,343.70 (Ex. Tax)
  • AVID Dock AVID Dock

    AVID Dock

    The Avid Pro Tools Dock is a EUCON control surface integrating the Pro Tools Control free iPad App. Used with an iPad, the Avid Pro Tools Dock provides the advanced touchscreen features of the S6. This hybrid system brings the advantages of...

    €1,299.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €1,091.60 (Ex. Tax)
  • Trinnov Audio La Remote

    Trinnov Audio La Remote

    Control every function of your Trinnov Processor at the press of a button, whether you have an ST2 Pro a D-MON or an MC-Pro.La Remote lets you take control of all their parameters instantly, every single function of your...

    €949.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €797.48 (Ex. Tax)

    SSL UF8

    Accelerated creativity, intelligent production    UF8 is SSL’s latest studio controller, designed for today’s DAW-based production workflows and ultrafast turn-around times. An expandable 8-channel advanced DAW controller, UF8...

    €1,189.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €999.16 (Ex. Tax)

    SSL UC1

    SSL hardware for your SSL software UC1 is a hardware plug-in controller like no other. Dedicated knob-per-function Channel EQ and Dynamics controls, centre section featuring full Bus Compressor controls and authentic moving-coil gain reduction meter...

    €669.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €562.18 (Ex. Tax)
  • SSL Matrix2 Delta SSL Matrix2 Delta

    SSL Matrix2 Delta

    Matrix2 is the ideal console/controller for your hybrid production studio. It is the most elegant solution available today for those who wish to incorporate the sonic advantages of SSL summing and a collection of boutique analogue mic pre's &...

  • SSL AWS Delta SSL AWS Delta

    SSL AWS Delta

    Digital Control for Analogue Souls The AWS (Analogue Workstation System) reinvented the professional production console by combining classic SSL SuperAnalogue™ console technology with comprehensive DAW control hardware in a single work surface...

8 of 8 Items