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  • Stager Stereo SR-2N

    Stager Stereo SR-2N

    Using the same ribbon, magnet, and transformer as the standard mic, the Stereo SR-2N gives you double the pleasure in a permanently-fixed stereo orientation offering up Blumlein or Mid-Side recording in a sleek, single-point microphone. Stager's Stereo...

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    €1,528.57 (Ex. Tax)
  • Royer SF-24V Royer SF-24V Royer SF-24V

    Royer SF-24V

    SF-24V - Vacuum Tube Stereo Ribbon Microphone The SF-24V vacuum tube stereo ribbon microphone is the pinnacle of our SF-series stereo microphones. The sound pickup is lush, smooth and natural, with outstanding stereo imaging and superb transient response...

    €5,999.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €5,041.18 (Ex. Tax)
  • Royer SF-24 Royer SF-24

    Royer SF-24

    SF-24 - Stereo Active Ribbon Microphone The SF-24 stereo ribbon microphone is a phantom powered version of our popular SF-12 stereo ribbon microphone. It combines the SF-12's high quality audio performance, outstanding stereo separation and imaging with...

    €4,799.00 (Inc. Tax)
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  • Royer SF-12 Royer SF-12

    Royer SF-12

    SF-12 - Stereo Ribbon Microphone The SF-12 stereo coincident ribbon microphone combines high quality audio performance with outstanding stereo separation and imaging. It is a modern ribbon design with no audible diffraction effects or cavity resonance...

    €3,249.00 (Inc. Tax)
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  • Peluso SR14 Peluso SR14 Peluso SR14 Peluso SR14 Peluso SR14

    Peluso SR14

    When designing the R 14, TR 14, and SR 14 microphones we wanted to create a classic vintage-style ribbon microphone in the vein of the early RCA microphones. We used classic long ribbon geometry. Thin corrugated aluminum ribbon is tensioned between two...

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    €1,251.26 (Ex. Tax)
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    Mesanovic Model 2S Mesanovic Model 2S Mesanovic Model 2S Mesanovic Model 2S

    Mesanovic Model 2S

    The Model 2S is a passive stereo ribbon microphone utilizing the same design features found in the Model 2. The Model 2S uses two matched ribbon motors angled at 90 degrees to each other to create a Blumlein configuration. It uses the same motors and...

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  • Antelope Edge Quadro Antelope Edge Quadro

    Antelope Edge Quadro

    Edge Quadro Modeling Mic Dual-head, quad-channel modeling microphone for 360° recording Mic modeling in three dimensions Edge Quadro is the most advanced modeling microphone by Antelope Audio. This stereo mic features two large dual-membrane...

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  • AEA R88A

    AEA R88A

    The AEA R88A is an active stereo ribbon microphone based on the revered R88 mkII with custom toroid transformers. The AEA R88A captures sound as we hear them providing an honest and natural representation of the source. The R88A ribbon...

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    AEA R88 MKII

    The stereo R88 captures a space as it sounds live and in person, with all the present subtlety and nuance. Its expansive frequency response and balanced low end make it superbly effective when capturing the full breadth of sound from the back of a room...

    €2,499.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €2,100.00 (Ex. Tax)
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