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  • Latch Lake MicKing 3300

    Latch Lake MicKing 3300

    The micKing 3300 is the original micKing boom stand featuring the world's strongest boom clutch in its class, unique patented base, Spin Grip Mic Mount, movable counterweight and revolutionary lever lock adjustment systems. The micKing 3300 covers the...

    €889.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €747.06 (Ex. Tax)
  • Latch Lake MicKing 2200

    Latch Lake MicKing 2200

    The micKing 2200 boom stand is our most recommended stand. It features all of the outstanding original patented features of the micKing including: the world's strongest boom clutch in its class, unique patented base, Spin Grip Mic Mount, movable...

    €589.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €494.96 (Ex. Tax)
  • Latch Lake MicKing 1100

    Latch Lake MicKing 1100

    The micKing 1100 is built to provide pro functionality in a portable package. Continuing with the use of the world's strongest boom clutch and innovative lever lock systems, this stand maintains the micKing's stellar strength reputation. For...

    €389.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €326.89 (Ex. Tax)
  • K&M 25600

    K&M 25600

    High-quality microphone stand with telescopic boom arm. Die-cast base with folding legs. Unique design retains all screws and levers without tension. Patented clamping lever can be fixed in any position, for holding mic cable, etc

    €79.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €66.39 (Ex. Tax)
  • K&M 21430

    K&M 21430

    Mobile heavy steel microphone stand for studio or stage. 10 kg cast metal base, low centre of gravity for high level safety with 3 lockable castor wheels. Rod combination extends to over 2 m with additional locking mechanism. Extendable boom arm with a 3...

    €259.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €217.65 (Ex. Tax)
  • K&M 255

    K&M 255

    Low-level stand with folding base, complete with long, 2-piece extendable boom arm.

    €64.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €53.78 (Ex. Tax)
  • K&M 210/9

    K&M 210/9

    A more compact version of the classic 210/2. The combination of the long-legged 201A/2 mic stand and the 211/1 telescopic boom arm. Like the 210/2, the 210/9 sets the standard for professional microphone boom stands.

    €58.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €48.74 (Ex. Tax)
  • K&M 210/2

    K&M 210/2

    The industry standard for a mic stand and boom arm combination. Package consists of the 201A/2 microphone stand and the 211 boom arm. Folding base for ease of transport. Long legs for added stability.

    €49.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €41.18 (Ex. Tax)
8 of 8 Items