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  • Tube-Tech SMC 2BM Tube-Tech SMC 2BM

    Tube-Tech SMC 2BM

    TUBE-TECH SMC2BM is the mastering version of the famous SMC2B Stereo Multiband Compressor. On SMC2BM all audio controls feature High Quality switches, fitted with precision resistors, to ensure extreme accuracy in settings and recals. The SMC2BM has...

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  • Tube-Tech SMC 2B Tube-Tech SMC 2B

    Tube-Tech SMC 2B

    The TUBE-TECH SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor features three independent optical stereo compressors. Combining the effect of wide 3 band level control with individual compression of the three bands creates pure magic, especially on the main mix bus,...

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  • Maselec MLA-4

    Maselec MLA-4

    New multiband Compressor / Expander developed from the popular MLA-3 with added expander functions for all frequencies. The MLA-4 is a powerful tool that could be used for: Restoring and improving over-compressed or uneven mixes. Changing the tonal...

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  • IGS Audio Multicore IGS Audio Multicore

    IGS Audio Multicore

    The Multicore is very versatile tool in your studio. Three bands of classic analog VCA compression provide an infinite field of possibilities to shape the sound. The device can be used as a mix bus compressor or for mastering purposes. Due to separate...

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