“In Studio” with Peluso Microphones

“In Studio” with Peluso Microphones

We had good fun at our Berlin showroom, recording the very talented Lem Motlow, for the “In Studio” with Peluso Microphones video. Everything ,except for the vocals and guitar solos, were recorded live with all amps and instruments in one room. Vocals and guitar solos were then overdubbed.

We want to show a finished product/recording but also show you the source sound of each microphone.

The following mics were used:

Kick: Peluso 22 47
Kick in: Sennheiser E 902
Snare Top: Sennheiser E 905
Snare Bottom: Peluso VTB
Overheads: Peluso P-84 Stereo Kit
Room Mics: Peluso P-12’s
Toms: Sennheiser MD421’s
Bass guitar: Peluso 22 251
Guitar 1 Les Paul: Peluso R14
Guitar 2 SG: Peluso P-87
Vocals: Peluso 22 251




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