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A-Designs EM-PEQ


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The A-Designs EM PEQ is a 500-Series single channel 3 band EQ module from A-designs, based on the sound and character of the classic Pultec EQ.

When A-Designs built the EM PEQ as a 500-Series module they chose the Pultec EQP-1A as the model to build their sound around. That was an established classic and now the EM PEQ is set to become one in its own right.

With a switchable attenuating Top end, parametric boosting Mid and switchable Low with both attenuate and boost functions, the A-Designs EM PEQ retains the familiar layout of the Pultec – but they have also worked to improve the circuitry to give the low-noise operating levels you expect for DAW operation.

Engineers and studio users have expressed widespread support for the EM-PEQ, whether using it as a channel strip EQ or pairing it up as a bus EQ and particularly using it for its drum sound.

Built to the exacting standards that are the hallmark of the A-Designs product range, they have not stinted on the build quality here. Custom wound inductors, Class A/B amplifier, a hard-wired bypass and a nickel-core transformer all go to show why the A-Dsigns EM PEQ has become such a sought-after unit.

A-Designs EM PEQ Overview:

• The first Pultec-style equalizer in the 500-Series format
• Three-band EQ with the same control layout as original Pultec
• Fully balanced, noise-free performance and modern impedance specs
• Same frequency settings and inductors as original Pultec make it a must-have for capturing bottom end
• Excels at tracking, mixing and mastering—a truly magical EQ!
• Perfectly compatible with API lunchbox (or A-Designs 500HR rack)
• True hard-wired bypass
• A-Designs proprietary-wound tapped Inductor
• A-Designs proprietary nickel alloy output transformer
• Quick and easy studio integration
• Wima capacitors
• NOTE: The EM-PEQ requires 48V to operate. Please check your power rack for this feature before purchasing an EM-PEQ.

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