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A-Designs EM-Silver


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The A-Designs EM-Silver is a mono 500 Series mic/line preamp from top Californian company A-Designs.

By installing a steel Output Transformer, the A-Designs EM-Silver has been designed to give you the characteristic sound of a Neve pre-amp. Variety in the transformer windings and the core materials allows A-Designs to offer a wider selection of tones through their entire range of 500 Series pre-amp modules.

Designed, like its Neve predecessor, to give a less-snappy top end, A-Designs consider the EM Silver Pre-amp a perfect match for ribbon microphones in particular, and for recording the bottom end of a drum kit or vocal where more low-end presence is required.

All of the A-Designs products are serious, well made professional pieces of equipment, suited to discerning recording engineers and producers everywhere – people who are not generally afraid to let their feelings show when they don’t like any something. Check out what they have to say about the A-Designs EM-Silver.

A-Designs EM-Silver Overview:

• Custom-wound steel output transformer
• Re-creates characteristic ‘darker’ sound of vintage Neve pre-amp, where sources require less aggressive top end.
• Ideal companion for ribbon mics or for smoothing out modern condenser microphones.
• Designed for 500 Series.

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