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Amphion BaseTwo25


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The Amphion BaseTwo25 is a no compromise low-frequency extension for their near-field studio monitors, turning your two way system into a full range, perfectly monitoring system.

The Amphion BaseTwo25 removes all the issues associated with subwoofers such as time and phase accuracy, while extending the frequency response all the way down to 10Hz.

Coming in pairs, the BaseTwo25 towers feature brand new 25cm woofers with passive radiators mounted on either side of the stunning beautifully crafted enclosure.

The BaseTwo25 system is driven by two powerful 900W outboard monoblock amplifiers and controlled by a state-of-the-art filtering module and volume control. When added to amphion nearfield monitors, the BaseTwo25 not only increases low frequency response, but increases the midrange power handling of the nearfield speakers by gradually transferring low frequencies. This removes issues associated with steep filtering, thus maintaining phase coherence. The energy transferred to the BaseTwo system starts at 400Hz (-36dB) and gradually increases all the way down. At 100Hz the speakers and BaseTwo25 share equally the transfer. A bypass switch lets you hear only your speakers.

The Amphion BaseTwo25 gives you the most accurate representation of your low end for improved accuracy and translation.


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