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Amphion FlexBase25


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The Amphion FlexBase25 is a stereo bass extension and management system with a dedicated LFE channel input designed to provide extreme precision in the lowest octave.

The Amphion FlexBase25 provides an unconventional approach to subwoofer with a 10” woofer on each side and a third input specifically for LFE applications. A variable crossover between 35 and 260Hz lets you precisely set your speaker to integrate in your room or change the desired flavour of the system. It also lets you adjust the stereo spread for optimum integration even with higher crossover points.

The dedicated LFE channel offers 10dB more sensitivity compared to the main channels but has no built-in low-pass filtering. It can be linked between several units allowing the build of 7.1 systems or more.

The Amphion FlexBase25 is powered by the FlexAmp1200 which includes Amphion’s proprietary filter module.


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