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Amphion One18 Pair + AMP700


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The Amphion One18 is a two-way passive high-resolution studio monitor designed to work as nearfield monitors in smaller rooms.

The Amphion One18 produces a superb balanced sound with high level midrange integration for a really detailed sound and superior clarity even at lower listening levels. The One18 like all speakers in Amphion’s professional range uses a low crossover frequency and high level driver to maintain an accurate phase response and imaging. In addition the One18 delivers a pleasing timbre with no unnatural sounds to create a natural and musical sounding monitor with no harshness. The passive radiator at the back of the unit allows for extended low frequency response.

Another benefit of Amphion’s natural balance and high level of midrange means that the monitoring doesn’t suffer from poorly designed monitoring setup as much as many other speakers and can serve as a consistent, predictable reference. This is truly useful for mastering engineers.

Amphion One18 Passive Studio Monitors Features:

Operating principle: 2-way, passive radiator
Tweeter: 1″ titanium
Mid / woofer: 6.5″ aluminium
Crossover point: 1600 Hz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity: 85 dB @ 2.83V/1m
Frequency response: 48 – 20 000 Hz +/-3dB
Power recommendation: 30 – 150 W
Measurements (h x w x d): 380 x 191 x 315 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Colour: Black
The Amphion Amp700 is a Class D stereo amplifier with a Class A buffer-stage capable of delivering enough power to all Amphion speaker models.

The Amphion Amp700 provides 2×350 Watts into 8 Ohms and 2×700 Watts into 4 Ohm with vanishingly low distortion and high resolution across the entire frequency spectrum.

The Class A buffer-stage not only allows for use with unbalanced and high impedance signals, but it also provides improved sonic performance adding a hint of Class A sonics to the Class D topology. The buffer is entirely built in-house and removes any possible DC offset from the signal as well as lowering the input sensitivity of the amplifier.

Amphion Amp700 Main Features:

2 x 350 W into 8Ω or 2 x 700W into 4Ω @ 1% THD
In-house Class Buffer stage
100kHz load-independent frequency range (-3dB)
Almost flat THD vs frequency
AUX output for third hanger channel
2U rackmount
XLR input
4 x Argento Audio 3 way binding post for banana’s, bare wire or spades.

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