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API Audio 1608-II (32 Channels)


Usually Available within 2-3 Months

Legs + Automation are NOT included.
500 Series Units are NOT included.

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The API Audio 1608-II is a powerful update to the highly successful 1608 recording console with powerful modern features to complement the classic API console design.

The API Audio 1608-II uses a single audio path that can be used for tracking and mixing. At its heart lies API’s 548C channel module which includes a 212L inspired mic preamp and audio signal routing options. The Mic preamp provides up to 55dB of gain and includes +48V phantom power, polarity reversal and a -20dB pad.

Furthermore, the API Audio 1608-II boasts twelve 550A parametric EQ and four 560 graphic EQs delivering the unmistakable sound of API’s wonderful sound shaping.

This flexible recording console comes with a meter bridge with medium-sized analogue VU metering for each channel as well as small meters for Aux stereo returns and Master section. The first eight VU meters can also be switched to display levels for the Summing Buses. The largest pair of meters also displays the stereo program bus.

The comprehensive mastering section includes a range of tools for stereo returns, aux sends, summing buses. talkback and control monitoring functions. An oscillator is provided for configuring your system.

Four stereo returns are provided with 500-series slots to accommodate your choice of 500 series compressor, EQ or limiter.

API 1608-II Analogue Recording Console Features:

16 Channels of Input, each with EQ & Mic Preamps
16 Faders
8 Auxiliary Sends per channel
8 Summing Buses
4 Stereo Returns
1 Stereo Bus
8 Spaces for additional 500 Series modules
Also available in 32 and 48 Input Channel Frame sizes

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