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API Audio 2500+


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The API Audio 2500+ Stereo BUS Compressor is a fresh take on API’s classic 2500 compressor design, with some features originally developed exclusively for the 50th anniversary edition, including the blend control for parallel processing and more.

The 2500 has always been seen by most studios as the “go-to” compressor for almost any mix BUS application, it’s simplicity, versatility and sound quality has meant that it’s found its way into countless studios around the world.

2500+ is a refined take API’s classic circuit, with some extra features to extend its capabilities and possible applications. The added blend control which was originally found on the 50th anniversary edition gives you three modes to control the compression results:

Off for standard 2500 functionality, parallel for parallel compression and a wet dry mix ratio control, to let dial in precision results and potentially be a bit more aggressive with your settings!

With API’s signature 2520 OP Amps, incredibly wide threshold lookup and their patented THRUST filtering, this new take on the 2500 gives you all the sonic qualities of the original, with some much appreciated mod-cons.

The main features of the API Audio 2500 Plus Include

19″ Rackmount Stereo BUS Compressor
Operates and dual mono or linked stereo
2520 OP Amps
Variable threshold control from -20dBu to +20dBu
Wet to dry ration control with three settings
THRUST circuit for precision side-chaining

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