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API Audio 512V Preamp


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The API 512V is a low-noise 500-series microphone, Line and instrument with API’s traditional 2520 Op amp, providing 65dB of clean gain.


The API 512V is an update of the legendary 512 mic preamp adding Line level input and a variable output level control. The 512V allows you to add the API mojo to your music. Additional features include a switchable 3:1 output transformer.  It also boasts the usual phantom power, polarity switch and a -20dB pad.


With a combo (XLR/ 1/4″ Jack) connector on the front and the existing XLR socket of your 500 Series chassis makes it easy to connect in any situation.


You can use the 512V as a traditional microphone or instrument preamplifier during the recording stage, or use a pair on a bus or summing while the transformer stage can add punch and colour at the mastering stage.


API 512V 500 Series Discrete Mic/Line Preamp Main Features:



    • Mic Preamp with 65 dB of gain


    • Variable Output Level Control


    • 3:1 Output Transformer Tap Selection


    • Front and Back Panel Mic Input Access


    • Line/Instrument Preamp with 45 dB of gain


    • Front Panel Combo-style XLR + 1/4 inch Line/Instrument Input


    • LED VU meter for Gain Level indication


    • 20 dB pad switch, applies to mic/line/instrument


    • 48v Phantom switchable power


    • Traditional API fully discrete circuit design with 2520 Op Amp


  • Features API’s unique Five Year Warranty
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