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API Audio 535-LA Preamp


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The API Audio 535-LA is a 500 Series line amplifier modelled after the legendary 325-booster card found in API consoles.


The API Audio 535-LA 500 Series Module is designed to boost or attenuate signal at the input or output stage while adding the typical punchy and warm API tone.  This utility module will become truly a staple of your studio allowing you to adjust inputs from keyboards, audio playback devices or mic preamps or any audio processor lacking its own level control. It is also ideal for adding warmth to digital signals.


The API Audio 535-LA adds a polarity switch as well as a 20dB pad and an Output ratio which lets you choose between different output gain levels from the transformer letting you drive long balanced line cables with low distortion. The 535 boasts API’s legendary 2510 and 2520 op-amps and API transofrmers which are at the core of its legendary sound.


The 535-LA comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.


API 535-LA 500 Series Line Amplifier Module Main Features:



    • Continuously variable detented input level trim




    • Polarity button


    • 20dB Input Pad


    • Calibrated Level mode


    • Output Ratio selector


    • Clip LED indicator


    • Continuously variable Output Gain


    • Traditional API fully discrete circuit design


    • Audio circuit uses the famous 2510 and 2520 Op-Amps


  • Traditional API fully discrete circuit design
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