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ATC SCM20A SL Pro (Pair)


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The ATC SCM20ASL Pro is an active freestanding professional 2-way studio reference monitor, well suited for smaller studios or nearfield use.

Housed in a solid, aluminium case, the ATC SCM20ASL Pro is rugged and well-damped, able to stand up to all that you can put through it. The bass driver is the acclaimed 75mm ATC SL soft-dome, coupled with a soft-dome HF driver to give you precise, accurate stereo imaging with good dispersion.

Driving the speakers on the SCM20ASL Pro is a bi-amp pack, comprising a 250W amp for the bass and mids and a 50W amp to power the top end – plenty of full range power to mix your hits on. Having built the drivers and the amp together the ATC SCM20ASL Pro has excellent low distortion levels and high linear response. The LF settings can be adjusted through five steps on the back of the monitor.

ATC are renowned for the surgical precision that their monitors impart to your sound – the SCM20ASL Pro is no exception. If something doesn’t sound correct or stands out in the mix, then it will show up on the SCM20ASL Pro.

From their inception as the Acoustic Transducer Company, ATC has made a commitment to developing the best speakers you can buy – first, they started with PA speakers in the early days of stadium tours, but then branched out developing amps and reference monitors, such as the CM20ASL Pro.

By sticking to what they do best, ATC can deliver it to you – and the ATC SCM20ASL Pro is there to bring out the best that you can do.

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