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ATC SCM45A (Pair)


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The ATC SCM45A Pro is a high-performance three-way active studio monitor designed for near or mid-field applications.


The ATC SCM45A Pro is a completely new design but shares some features of the highly successful SCM25A compact three-way monitor. With a high output and extended frequency response that belies its size, the SCM45A Pro delivers the same tonal balance and superior detail that is associated with ATC.


Designed with unprecedented linear response across the whole audible spectrum with an emphasis on the critical midrange, the SCM45A Pro has a second woofer to significantly extend the bass response and increase its SPL capability. ATC’s latest loudspeaker is the first to feature the company’s latest SH25-76S dual-suspension tweeter which delivers an increased resolution in the high frequencies. In addition the bass driver is a brand new SB50-14 short coil design designed to work in a parallel wired pair which offers increased efficiency and reduced drive unit excursion for a much tighter sound with reduced non-linear distortion between 20Hz and 380Hz. The combination of these new technologies with the formidable soft dome midrange delivers the most detailed speaker yet.


Amplification is achieve via ATC’s own active Tri – AmpPack, which uses a discrete MOSFET Class A/B design with 150W for the bass driver, 60W for the midrange driver and 25W for the tweeter. Its symmetrical design means that it can be easily used as a centre monitor if required while its size makes placement of the loudspeaker behind a console possible.


ATC SCM45A Pro Active Studio Monitors Features:



    • Mid-size very high performance active 3-way studio monitor


    • Ideally suited to:
        • critical near-field listening applications in all control rooms
        • LCR surround monitoring in medium control rooms
        • surround channels in medium-to-large contol rooms


    • ATC hand built 6.5˝/164mm carbon-paper cone bass driver.


    • ATC 25mm/1” Dual Suspension Super Tweeter


  • Discrete MOSFET class A/B bi-amp pack with 150W/60W/25W continuous power output
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