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Audient Nero


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The Audient Nero is a desktop monitor controller designed with a wide range of controls and I/O connectivity, giving you all the controls necessary of your listening environment in a perfect centrepiece for any studio.

The Audient Nero has four analogue stereo inputs, three monitor outputs with assignable sub, and four headphone outputs. Additional Toslink and SPDIF inputs are provided and are routed to the Alt input which offers a choice between Coax (SPDIF), Optical (Toslink) and AUX (Analogue RCA or mini jack). Each of the four headphone outputs includes a dedicated headphone amp with level control and can be made to listen to the source or the Cue.

The Nero includes Audient’s own Precision Matched Attenuation Technology which ensures the monitor controller matches the volume between left and right channels. As a result, there is no need to balance volume controls at the back of the unit to match left and right channels.

Smart Touchpoints allow users to configure different workflows on the fly, routing and configuring various outputs and controls to accommodate different projects and monitoring styles.

Taking from its own heritage in manufacturing large format consoles, Audient have graced Nero with a comprehensive control section with Dim attenuation, mono and talkback all with latching buttons. Cue mix monitoring also lets you listen to the monitor mix while a talkback function lets you communicate with the artist via the internal mic or an external microphone.

Audient Nero Main Features:

Powerful control over your studio monitoring
Comprehensive range of I/O connectivity
Console-style monitor control
Precision matched stereo volume control
Smart Touchpoints allows you to customise your workflow
Internal talkback microphone for communicating with artists
All-metal construction with Obsidian Black finish
The perfect centre console for any studio