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Bettermaker Bus Compressor (B-Stock)

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The Bettermaker Bus Compressor is the worlds first AND only expandable bus compressor.
Fitted with all the standard controls, you now also have the option to add more functions to it, if your setup requires that.

The Bettermaker Bus Compressor ships with the ”Starter Pack” which contains :

  • The Bettermaker Signature VCA compressor with RMS detection and auto release.
  • Adjustable threshold, attach, release, output and ratio.
  • Hardware bypass


You can expand on the Bettermaker Bus Compressor by purchasing Firmware modules, which will expand the features on the Bettermaker Bus Compressor.

”Sidechain Pack”

  • HPF/LPF Parametric sidechain filters.
  • Sidechain listen.
  • Sidechain hardware insert.

”Module Pack”

  • BM MKII Mode with auto release and variable ratio.
  • DX Mode.
  • SG Mode.
  • RMS/PEAK detection.
  • THD.
  • Feed FWD/BCK.

”Mastering Pack”

  • Input HPF.
  • Range.
  • Variable Knee.
  • Width (in M/S mode)
  • M/S/L/R
  • Mix (Dry/Wet)
  • Solo

In short, the Bettermaker Bus Compressor will feature something for everybody.
And of course as with every Bettermaker unit, the unit can be controlled via a plugin, which makes all the parameters automatable.

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