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Burl Audio B1D Preamp


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The Burl B1D is a solid-state Class A preamp and DI with an iron core output transformer, for the 500 Series.


For the ultimate guitar sound, the Burl B1D is built around the iron core of the Burl BX4 Output transformer. Just turn up your Input gain and bring down the Output level, to experience the full crunch and power that is coming your way. You’ve already experienced the full, round tone that the Burl B1D possesses in spades. That comes from the high-grade components and careful selection and design that are something of a hallmark for Burl. But then Burl has always made a point of sitting and listening extensively to their products for their sonic appeal, not just their technical suitability.


Controls on the Burl B1D are simple and self-explanatory, with pad, phase, phantom and impedance selection on the front panel, with a DI jack plug centrally placed at the bottom. The two volume controls are stepped, always handy for reproducing settings at a later date – the Burl B1D can be used for processing into your DAW or re-amping afterwards, for that extra body and analogue warmth.


Burl B1D Overview:



    • BURL custom BX3 input transformer


    • BURL custom BX4 iron output transformer


    • Audiophile, discrete, class-A, direct-coupled, capacitor free circuit path


    • Stepped gain control


    • Independent output level control


    • 70 dB gain


    • Impedance select


    • 1/4” front panel DI input


    • 30 dB pad for hot signals and balanced line level input


    • Phantom power


    • Phase reverse


  • Tri-colored gain level indication
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