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The Chandler Curve Bender is a 3U rack-mounted replica of the two-channel EMI TG12345 console EQ section.


Designed after the original EMI console EQ used at the studios, the standalone Curve Bender that Chandler Limited created under license is even more flexible and capable of producing wonderful-sounding music than ever.


Upgrades from Chandler Limited designer Wade Goeke include a mulitplier to increase the amplitude range and the conversion of the original 9 tonal selections available, to a more flexible 51 filter points. Being dual channel, the Chandler Curve Bender is equally at home as a channel EQ or as a stereo bus or mastering unit.


Tonally, the Chandler Curve Bender is capable of completely re-invigorating your mixes – bringing definition, warmth and detail out where you’d never even noticed it was lacking before. That’s a testament to the quality, construction and sheer attention-to-detail that Chandler Limited has brought to bear. In the end though, it’s about the musicality and the Curve Bender has all of that.


The Chandler Curve Bender is a serious piece of high-end kit for critical applications and equally critical professionals. Take a tip from the top and let the Chandler Curve Bender take you to the dark side of the moon.


Chandler Curve Bender Overview:



    • Recreation of the legenday EMI TG12345


    • Improved amplitude range


    • 51 filter points


    • CHANNELS: Stereo / Dual Mono CIRCUIT: Discrete, Transistor


All Connections Transformer Balanced Pin 2 Hot


  • POWER: +/-28v
Requires Chandler Limited PSU-1 MKII power supply.