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Coil Audio CA-286S


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The Coil Audio CA-286S is a 2U mic preamp standalone version of the CA-286 PS6 tube mic/line amplifier, inspired by a classic European two-stage circuit

The Coil Audio CA-286S uses the exact same European style circuit as the CA-286 PS6 and delivers the same Hi-Fi tone and rich midrange. It uses Coil Audio’s own CT110HN input and CT-10 output transformers as well as NOS Octal tubes, resistors and high-quality capacitors.

The input section includes a four-position switch which provides various 150/250Ohms mic pads from 0, -6dB, 12dB, 19dB which also affect the line-level amplification when engaged. Negative Feedback is used to modify the frequency response by increasing the amount of negative feedback into the circuit. A Low switch works in conjunction with the NF switch to boost or reduce the amount of low-frequency energy. Finally, the output control knob is placed between the 1st and second stage EF86 tubes and id used to set the final output.

Coil Audio CA-286S Main Features:

2U steel enclosure with integrated power supply
CT-110HN high nickel input and CT-41 output transformers installed
Negative feedback tone adjustment with LOW filter
Two-stage 6J7/6C5 vacuum tube single-ended circuit
42db-54db of available gain
Flexible input pad section for Mic or Line level operation
150 Ohm Mic input, 20k Line input, 600 Ohm output
NOS tubes, signal caps & resistors, PEC 2W carbon pots
Slow Ramping/Linear regulated Power Supply to prolong tube life
Hand Built and Tested in the USA

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