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Coleman Audio TC4


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The Coleman Audio TC4 is a passive mastering transfer console and monitor controller with two stereo inputs, four stereo inserts and a range of monitor control features such as Mono, L/R mute and Phase reversal.


The Coleman Audio TC4 uses a truly passive circuit throughout to preserve signal integrity, going through a 47 position stepped attenuator that tracks down to .05dB for perfect stereo balance.


The four balanced inserts use relay switching and connect via two dB25 insert cables. A Flip switch also lets you flip between ½ as the first processor, ideal to choose between having your compression pre- or post-EQ and quick A/B comparisons.


The monitoring section includes a Pre/Post inserts letting you easily compare the original signal and the processed audio signal. An Alt SPK Button engages the second set of outputs while the Monitor input lets you choose between the two stereo inputs, useful for comparing another source, whether it is a copy of the original for quick comparison, or a reference track.


Left and Right mute switches are provided to let you focus on each side and a Phase reversal switch inverts the polarity of the right channel. Combined with the mono switch, it also provides a way to monitor the Side (L-R) in Mid/Side configuration. These switches only affect the speaker path.


An additional meter output lets you connect meters to check your mixes up close. A powerful headphone amplifier is also provided for monitoring on headphones.


Coleman Audio TC4 Mastering Transfer Console Main Features:


  • Passive Mastering Transfer Console
  • Completely passive design – won’t colour your signal path
  • Four passive insert switches for easy activation of processors
  • Two stereo input sources
  • 47-position, 4-gang stepped master control (+/- 0.05dB) promotes a balanced stereo listening environment
  • Balanced XLR and DB25 connectors minimize noise and maximize output
  • L/R mute switches let you audition speakers independently
  • Mono switch (L minus R) collapses audio to test for mono compatibility
  • Polarity reversal switch highlights speaker phase issues
  • Mono + polarity nulls mono material to review side content
  • 1U chassis is rack compatible
  • 8-ohm headphone output lets you monitor silently or feed a headphone amp
  • Stereo meter output to feed VU meters
  • 115-volt/230-volt switch on power supply circuit board


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