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Crane Song HEDD Quantum


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The Crane Song HEDD Quantum is a 19” standalone AD/DA converter and Word Clock with the latest Quantum conversion technology and DSP based harmonic colouration options.


The Crane Song HEDD is worthy update of one of the most cherished AD/DA converter thanks to the inclusion of the Quantum conversion technology which offers sub picosecond jitter clocking which delivers incredible stereo imaging, stunning 3D sound, incredible transient response and overall accurate representation of the sound. This subpicosecond clocking is now available for the first time in an A/D stage.


In addition the update AD/DA clocking stage, the HEDD Quantum now boasts no less than 6 Word Clock outputs allowing the HEDD to be used as a master clock simultaneously to the conversion. Both AD and DA stages can be run at different sample rates at the same time.


DSP emulation of triode, pentode and tape emulations are also provided in the unit allowing you to add further analogue flavour if required. An analogue Dither is also available and is selectable between 16 or 20 bit if required.


Crane Song HEDD Quantum Features:



    • High-quality 24-bit A/D and D/A Converter


    • 5th generation Quantum AD/DA


    • 24-bit Processing


    • Adjustable Triode and Pentode Harmonic Distortion


    • Digital I/O, AES and S/PDIF


    • Six External WC Sync Input and Output


    • Analogue Dithering


    • 22 Element VU Metering


    • Analogue Tape Compression Emulation


  • Made In U.S.A.