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Crane Song Trakker


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The Crane Song TRAKKER is an extremely versatile mono Discrete Class A Compressor / Limiter.


Comes complete with optimised Presets and a full Manual Mode. Wonderful metering and the sound can be hard or soft, beautiful for tracking, or for mixing you can make it a rough or dirty with ease. Can sound like an Opto, FET, VCA etc


Capable of a sounding like a variety of classic compressors, whether vintage or modern, the controls allos up to four differnt amplifier / gain control sounds.The Crane Song Trakker can provide an artistic choice of sounds at the flip of a switch – with adjustable threshold, attack, release, knee shape and makeup gain.


Up to 8 can be linked together for surround control.




Crane Song TRAKKER Features :


Amplifier options : Transparent


Amplifier options : Vintage (tube or old style class A)


Amplifier options : Transparent with VCA artifacts


Amplifier options : Vintage with VCA artifacts


In/Out : Balanced


Sidechain Option


Insert Point


Shipping Weight : 14lbs (6.34kg)


Made In U.S.A.