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Dutch & Dutch 8C Pair WH-NA


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The Dutch & Dutch 8c is more than just a studio monitor. It is a unique acoustic concept. Its revolutionary cabinet design provides the Dutch & Dutch 8c with constant directivity from 100 Hz upwards. As a result, the 8c is above and beyond any other studio monitor in terms of neutrality, precision, and in-room tonal balance.

Sub frequencies are handled by 500 Watts of amplifier power and two high-excursion 8” subwoofer drivers, which employ boundary loading for maximum bass precision and impact.

From the smooth baffle to the solid oak exterior panels, the Dutch & Dutch 8c’s cabinet is designed to look as pure as it sounds. The internals are made of high quality birch plywood, a strong yet lightweight material excellently suited for loudspeaker construction.

With our proprietary Clerk-powered software and electronics, all the right controls are at your fingertips. Whether you want to finetune the system to suit your acoustic environment, emulate another loudspeaker, or merely tweak the sound a bit, Clerk is ready.


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