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Moog 16 Channel Vocoder


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The Moog 16 Channel Vocoder is a one to one recreation of the classic vocoding machine that Bob Moog developed back in 1978, comprising of 16 fixed filter bands that can be patched in a myriad of ways to create classic vocoder tones and heavily modulated for rather odd but highly musical results.

In true Moog Legacy re-issue style, the team of builders in Asheville have gone to great lengths to carefully and precisely recreate this highly revered machine, it’s been constructed with a discreet, all analogue design which comprises of 16 envelope followers, with 16 VCA’s, each with access to 16 filterbanks, allowing to craft gorgeous choral tones and much more.

Onboard there’s a Sample and Hold circuit, which can be utlized to hold the current tuning of your tone until the button is released (or turned off via footswitch), letting you sustain your resulting tones for as long as you like. There’s also a hiss and buzz circuit, which can be used to more sibilance or plosive energy to the synthesis signal, letting you fine tune your vocal effect.

The external patch is where most of the action happens, with this switch engaged you can freely cross patch internal signals or integrate external signals from your modular system(s), meaning you can push frequencies from the program (filter bank) to the carrier signal (audio input) thus creating a whole myriad of unique tones and voice effects.

This limited edition machine will only be available for a short time, each unit is lovingly handmade by the team of expert builders at Moog and only a few will be coming to the UK.

The main features of the Moog Vocoder include

One to one re-creation of the 1978 Moog Vocoder
All discreet analogue voices
16 bands of filtering with 16 envelope followers and 16 VCA’s
Footswitchable sample and hold circuit
Internal and external patching capabilities
Lovingly handmade in Asheville North Carolina

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