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Peluso P-280


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The Peluso P-280 delivers an ultra-high resolution signal, crystal clear low noise-floor and vacuum tube warmth. The perfect combination for todays demanding recording environments. The Peluso P-280 employs the unique tube/FET combination amplifier stage, that Peluso is known for, to achieve the quietest noise-floor we’ve ever encountered in a tube microphone.

The miniature pentode tube keeps the circuits signal warm and pleasing, never brittle or strident. The even frequency response, crisp detail and dead quiet noise-floor bring astonishing results from almost any source. It has an assertive gain level, and easily handles very high SPL sources.
A Balanced output achieved through a generously sized output transformer. The Peluso P-280 uses the rugged and reliable screw-on-8-pin cable connectors. The body and head grille are machined brass with a sleek black finish. The P-280 will be known as a new standard for todays widely diverse signal chains.

Features :

  • Center terminated large diaphragm capsule
  • Dual back plate three wire capsule
  • ultra high resolution
  • crystal clear low noise floor
  • vintage glass EF pentode vacuum tube
  • unique Peluso FET-Tube combination amplifier
  • heavy duty 8 pin screw-on connector
  • custom transformer output

Technical data :

  • Capsule : 34mm condesner pressure gradient
  • Frequency range :20Hz/20Khz
  • 9 Polar patterns
  • Sensitivity: 27 mv/pa
  • impedance : 200 ohms
  • SPL: 149 dB
  • Equivalent noise : 6 dB(a)
  • Tube Type : 5654W/EF95

Microphone Kit includes :

  • P-280 microphone in a wooden box
  • 8-pin microphone cable
  • Power supply
  • Shochmount and hardmount
  • Locking flight case
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