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Spectra 1964 STX100


Available within 1-2 Weeks
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The Spectra 1964 STX100 is a 500 series mic preamp inspired by the legendary Model 110 Preamplifier module, a key ingredient to the sound of Stax and Ardent Studios in Mephis.

The Spectra 1964 STX100 has been built to exacting standards to match the performance of those legendary mic preamps in a convenient format. Known for its clean sound and incredible performance, the Model 101 was the first solid-state audio amplifier designed capable of providing overload capability of up to 1000%

Spectra 1964 STX100 500 Series Mic Preamp Main Features:

500 Series Mic Preamp
Recreation f the legendary Model 110 Preamp module
Built to exacting standard
STX 100 Specifications
Gain: 64dB
THD: Less than .01% @ 20Hz-20KHz
Signal/Noise: Better than 120dB, (unweighted)
Maximum Output: +18dBm, 20Hz–20KHz
Power Requirement: Less than 50mA, +18dBm
Input/Output Control: Continuously Variable/10dB Pad
Input Impedance: 5K Ohms, Nominal
Output Impedance: Less than 50 Ohms
Frequency Response: 10Hz-50KHz
Phantom: 48 Volts
Polarity: 180 Degrees/Reverse/Mic or Line Input

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