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Argosy Spire 420Xi (Pair)

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The Argosy 420Xi Spire is beautiful speaker with built-in IsoAcoustics speaker isolators.

The Argosy 420Xi Spire uses 5/4” power-coated substrate to provide safe and sturdy isolation for your speakers. the IsoAcoustics ensure that only on-axis movement is kept and providing resistance to movements in any other direction. This results in a tightening of the low end and improved stereo imaging.

Argosy 420Xi Spire Main Features:

  • Powder Coated MDF
  • Height: 42" Height includes Isolator
  • Mounting Platform: 17" x 9"
  • Base: 19.8" x 16"
  • Capacity: 100 lbs. each
  • Set of 2

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