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Bricasti M10

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Time is so short in the modern studio, and with the Bricasti Design M10 remote controller you won’t find yourself wasting any of it – not on the reverb, anyway. With an M10, you certainly won’t find yourself peering into the front of a rack of reverbs under atmospheric studio lighting, trying to work out whether this is the correct unit to adjust and which knob it was you needed to tweak, anyway. That’s a thing of the past. More so, because the unit that the tough anodised aluminium-cased Bricasti Design M10 remote is designed to control, the gorgeous M7M reverb, doesn’t have any knobs anyway – so that’s sorted.


It’s also because the Bricasti Design M10 is easily capable of handling up to eight M7M stereo reverbs at once. So, you can sit back in your comfy chair, right between the monitors and with the Bricasti Design M10 you can audition and alter, edit and amplify any of the M7M parameters that you like.


Bank selections, presets, user programmes and multi-reverb control are all just a dial away with the M10 jog wheel and access buttons.


Simple in operation and simple in connection, the Bricasti M10 uses an RS422 9-pin serial cable to daisy-chain multiple M7M units together, with few limits on distance. The M10 receives phantom power from the M7M, thus freeing you from tiresome external mains leads dragging under your castors.


Tough, functional and ready for anything the Bricasti Design M10 puts you in total control of your M7M. Remote opportunities never looked better than this.


Bricasti Design M10 Overview:



    • Custom milled solid aluminium casing and buttons, fine-sfinished and anodized for an enduring design and classic look.


    • Controls from 1-8 x M7Ms.


    • Connects to the first M7M via R5422 9-pin serial cable, 10 meter cable provided, up to 30 meters that is 480L compatible, simple to install with no practical distance limits, or IP addresses to configure. Longer distances may require an additional power source for the M10.


    • Simple serial “loop thru” for connecting more M7Ms. connect to the first and loop to the second, and third etc.


    • DC Power is supplied from the M7M through the cable, no wall warts, or external supplies.


    • 8 meters, for 4 stereo pairs, metering 4 machines at a time.


    • Machine selection is a dedicated Machine key in the M10:


    • Press the machine key to “toggle or step through” for 2 x M7M operation.


    • Press the machine key and use the log wheel to step through the machines for control of more than than 2 x M7Ms.


    • Press the machine key and use the 1-4 keys to directly access any machine, for control of more than 2 x M7Ms.


    • Use the “up down keys” to change banks and for metering for control of more than 4 x M7Ms.


    • Setup key for M10’s local memory, configuration, and settings.


  • Maximum Output Level: +24 dBu
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