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Dangerous Music 2Bus +

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Dangerous Music invented the stand-alone analog summing mixer with the ground-breaking 2-BUS back in 1999, and now we’re redefining mixing yet again with the 2-BUS+. With a redesigned analog summing circuit that exceeds previous specifications, the 2-BUS+ delivers unsurpassed imaging, dimensionality, punch and headroom. While the 2-BUS+ active summing sounds incredible on its own, it now includes three innovative custom color circuits that provide a vast array of flexibly routed tonal options. Harmonics is a euphoric odd- and even-order distortion generator; Paralimit is a hard-hitting FET-style limiter; and X-Former is a pair of custom wound Cinemag output transformers with an exclusive core-overdrive circuit. With it’s elegantly straightforward buttons and knobs, the 2-BUS+ puts endless combinations of robust analog sound at your fingertips. Meticulously developed by our hands-on team and brilliantly designed by the legendary Chris Muth, the 2-BUS+ embodies our dedication to sacrificing nothing in order to deliver the very best analog products available.


  • 16 channels of the world’s best active analog summing, that even surpasses the original

  • Three unique analog color circuits: Harmonics, Paralimit and X-Former

  • Effortless routing and blending of analog color circuits via elegant user interface

  • Switchable stereo analog insert for easy outboard gear integration

  • Massive sounds, sacrificing no detail

  • Crystal clear sonic imaging and three-dimensionality

  • Endless headroom for modern digital signal levels

  • Stepped output gain control for exact recalls

  • Both XLR and D-Sub input connectivity

  • Audiophile-grade components throughout

  • Hand-assembled in the USA

1 Year

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