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Electric and Company EC7

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The EC7 is a deluxe production version of our classic 6072 Amplifier LTD. The most versatile preamp we make, the EC7 has a sweet top end and a big bottom. 12AY7 and 12BH7 tubes, Jensen input and output transformers, film/foil polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors, Mil-Spec precision film and classic carbon composition resistors, PEC 2W carbon pots, and a host of studio features make this unit a must have for the modern recordist. Fidelity with a twist of color.



  • 55 dB Gain

  • Jensen Transformers

  • Mic and Line Pads

  • DI Input

  • 12AY7 and 12BH7 Tubes

  • Regulated Phantom

  • Finest Select Resistors

  • Boutique Film/Foil Caps