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Gainlab Audio Governor

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Unleash the Dynamic Power of Dual Slope Compression with Gainlab Audio's GLA-OC1 Governor

Embark on a sonic odyssey with the groundbreaking GLA-OC1 Governor, a dual-channel tube optical compressor from Gainlab Audio, revolutionizing the landscape of dynamic control. This visionary compressor elevates the concept of dual slope compression, offering unprecedented flexibility and sonic versatility.

A Symphonic Ensemble of Features:

  • Dual Slope Compression Excellence: The Governor's signature dual slope design introduces an additional threshold beyond the initial compression stage, unleashing a dynamic interplay between subtle leveling and assertive aggression.

  • Electron Tube Optical Architecture: Immerse yourself in the warmth and character of vacuum tubes, while harnessing the precision of optical compression for a rich and dynamic sonic tapestry.

  • Nano Crystalline Output Transformer: Experience pristine clarity and extended frequency response, ensuring your signal remains pure and untouched by distortion.

  • Automatic Timing Option: Automate the compression's timing seamlessly, integrating seamlessly into your workflow, ensuring consistent dynamics across your mix.

  • Side-Chain Filter: Flawlessly sculpt the frequency response of the sidechain signal, tailoring the compression to specific elements of your mix with exquisite precision.

  • External Side-Chain Signal Reception: Connect an external source to the sidechain input, opening doors to external triggers or sidechain filters from other devices, unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

  • Comprehensive Meter Section: Unleash precise control over the compression process with an intuitive meter section, featuring peak hold functionality for in-depth analysis, guiding your sonic journey with unwavering precision.

  • Stereo and Dual Mono Operation: Adapt to your mixing needs with flexible operation modes, including stereo and dual mono configurations, ensuring versatility to meet the demands of any creative endeavor.


What is a dual slope compressor?

In the case of the Governor, the dual slope design means that beyond the compressor threshold point, another threshold point can be set. Beyond this second threshold, the compressor's release curve becomes much steeper, and the compressor begins to operate with a much higher compression ratio. In practice, it's like applying multi-stage dynamic control.
The first threshold would set a compressor with a lower ratio and a smoother knee, while the second threshold would set a compressor with a higher ratio and a steeper knee. All of this is done within one device, causing the timing of the two compression phases to influence each other. As a result, the sound of the Governor can be highly flexible, ranging from classic levelers to the sound of modern optical compressors and even to an aggression not heard before in optical compressors, especially when extreme settings are applied.


A Versatile Instrument for Every Scenario:

  • Bus Compressor: Tame dynamic peaks and enhance the overall balance of your mix with the Governor's bus compression capabilities.

  • Mastering Compressor: Achieve final mastering polish and consistency with the Governor's precision and versatility, elevating your mixes to new heights of sonic excellence.

  • Tracking Compressor: Add punch and clarity to individual tracks during tracking sessions with the Governor's nuanced compression, crafting a foundation for dynamic brilliance.

  • Recording Compressor: Refine the dynamics of your recordings, ensuring a consistent sound across your recording session, preserving the essence of your performances.

Elevate Your Soundscape with the GLA-OC1 Governor:

The GLA-OC1 Governor is an indispensable tool for discerning engineers and producers seeking a versatile and powerful dynamic control instrument. Its dual slope design, electron tube architecture, and comprehensive feature set open up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to sculpt your sound with precision and finesse. Embrace the Governor and unlock the true potential of your sonic creations.

Main properties:
  • Electron tube optical compressor
  • Nano crystalline output transformer
  • Dual Slope design
  • Automatic timing option
  • Side-chain filter
  • External side-chain signal reception
  • Comprehensive meter section
  • Stereo and dual mono operation

Field of application:
  • Bus compressor
  • Mastering compressor
  • Tracking compressor
  • Recording compressor